Is it possible to buy or sell a house using Bitcoin? Is it safe and legal?

02nd Dec 2017 48913 Views

Is it possible to buy or sell a house using Bitcoin? Is it safe and legal? Bitcoin is getting a lot of press lately, mainly because of the significant increase in the value of bitcoins over the last 12 months. Many people are looking at Bitcoin as potential alternative investment strategies and today I want to talk about whether or not you can use Bitcoin to sell your home or to buy a home

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Facebook Benefits for home and property dealers

28th Nov 2017 555 Views

If you are a property or home dealer then its time you learnt the full benefits of Facebook marketing and avoid paying abnormal advertising fees. Despite the Social challenges that come with Facebook such as fake news travelling too fast, the its advantages outweighs the negatives. It’s a indeed a business and money-making platform and we are here to share the secret that will lead to increase

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Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, who has the best home?

27th Nov 2017 114094 Views

Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, who has the best home? Besides Cristiano's Ronaldo's new twins this season, nothing else seems to work in his favour compared to Lionel Messi. Cristiano did well last year but this year seems set for Barcelona star as he can already boost with a forth European golden boot and 11 goals ahead of the in the laliga. It's fair to say on the football pitch the battle is stil

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Good weather and your dream home in Spain

24th Nov 2017 823 Views

Good weather and your dream home in Spain!   Welcome to InterHomes Online. We specialize in helping you to find your dream home in sunny Spain where the weather is never disappointing.  If you are looking for buying summer house and you still consider perfect location in terms of having pleasant weather all year through? TRY SPAIN! On our portal, you can find a broad choice of villas wit

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Spanish properties

17th Nov 2017 428 Views

Are you looking for Spanish properties? There are so many property portals in Spain, so let's take the most popular on todays market and compare them. With no doubt Fotocasa and Idealista are the biggest Spanish national portals. The monthly traffic on those portals can go up to 80 million visits.  Fotocasa and Idealista are more used by the national Spanish population. Both websites are not very

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Properties Donald Trump owns in New York

16th Nov 2017 1289 Views

Trump Properties   The name Donald Trump means a lot of things most of them not particularly good-to a lot of people, but now, it will forever be enmeshed with the country's highest office. And though Trump has said that he will step back from day-to-day operations of his eponymous real estate company while he holds the office of President, the Trump Organization still owns properties in

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think spain

02nd Nov 2017 825 Views

If you are planning to buy a property in Spain we recommend property finders to use a property portal. Buying in Spain? Think Spain! Most property portals are independent and give you a blue print what is on the market in a certain Spanish city. Interhomes Online is such independent property portal where you find properties for sale in Spain. Interhomes Online is 100% Spanish orientated and the co

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Advertise your home smart with InterHomes Online!

26th Oct 2017 429 Views

Advertise your home smart!   Don't you think that property portals have changed customer behaviour in terms of finding the most suitable home? I am sure, that when most of you want to find rental properties, you visit portal such as Airbnb or Booking at first. After that in most of the cases, you don't go further looking in Google or somewhere else. Just because these portals have many of

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Cry no more Spain estate agents

30th Sep 2017 344 Views

It is a known fact, proved by financial records of small to medium sized estate agents, that investment in marketing and advertising is the biggest challenge facing the Spanish property industry. This was also confirmed in a study by Denmark Technical University in conjunction with Realway estates, so to ensure maximum reach to property seekers or finders, estate agents with rent and sales listing

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Interhomes Online launched their APPS

03rd Aug 2017 222 Views

Since August 2017 Interhomes Online has launched their APPS for the IOS Apple Store and the Google Play store. Now all I-Phone and Android users can download the Interhomes Online APP. The APP is based on our website, but if you use our APP than you have faster access and you never need to add or looking for the URL anymore. So if you are on holiday in the Costa Blanca Spain, sitting on a terrace

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InterHomes Online - why it is a unique property portal!?   Don't you think that property po


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